Yeah I made a year so why not go again


Day 30 – Home

As much as I like travelling, the sight of my sofa at 8 am this morning was more than welcome and now I get to sit on it for a whole week before having to go away again.


Day 29 – What a helpful lady

The journey back today. First of all a flight from San Diego to Chicago – a four-hour flight that I had to be ridiculously early at the airport for to comply with US security. Given the time difference there was only a short window to get the connecting flight to the UK. Thankfully this woman was there to meet us off the flight to get us to the next one. What a palaver, changing terminals (a long walk plus train ride), then security then checking the barding card and then boarding. I am not sure I would have made it without her help, so thank you.

Day 28 – Ooo goodie

Finished the inspection late afternoon and having found out that the school was near the largest mall in San Diego, after dropping off my stuff at the hotel I walked back (yes walked, American friends) and lo and behold one of the first shops i came across was the apple store – oh well time for a new ipod then. Maybe should start a new page dedicated to all the apple shops I find on my travels…..

Day 27 – Fishy jokes

Out for dinner with the staff of IH San Diego tonight. We went to a fish restaurant and had some rather delicious fish – sea bass for me. While waiting for the food to arrive I noticed the napkins all has jokes on them. You might have to squint to see the punchlines mind.

Day 26 – San Diego

A very early morning start (up at 4am to get to the airport) and two flights later and a very good bowl of chilli for breakfast in San Franisco airport, I have gone from minus temperatures to summer – San Diego is only 28 degree today. I looked a bit daft arriving in my winter coat! A short limo ride later and am in another hotel – but this one has palm trees.

Day 25 – Ice Hockey

As part of my school visit, I was invited to go with the students to the evening hockey game. It is Calgary’s young team – the potential NHLers of tomorrow so they say. The home side has a bit of work to fulfil that dream – the Calgary Hitmen well and truly got their butts kicked, with only two goals in the final 30 secs making the score sound anywhere near respectable. They lost 8-4 to Saskatoon.

Day 24 – New hat

It was a only a few days ago when I was talking about line dancing – now with my latest hat I feel I really might have to give it a go. Arrived in Calgary last night and was told almost immediately that I was in cowboy country. This was reaffirmed when I started the inspection of the school there today, especially when the students were gathered together to welcome me to the school and presented me with this hat – white being the colour for friendship apparently . I hope it goes in my suitcase, can’t wait to wear it in Oxford.